Gmessys's vision is to help India prevent further impact on environment while it tries to meet it's growing energy demands due to a burgeoning population and booming economy in this century. We provide solutions and services to achieve increase in energy efficiency. We offer services to help commercial establishments and SMEs achieve self - sustainability through Solar.

A watt saved is as good as a watt produced!

Gmessys provides easy-to-use, accurate Wireless Energy Management Systems and offers Energy Consulting Services directly to private, commercial and industrial customers or indirectly to Energy Utilities, Power Corporations and City/Municipal Authorities.


Energy Efficiency Products

We provide easy-to-install plug-in products to monitor, remotely control and optimize Energy consumption at house-hold, commercial and industrial levels... more

Energy Services

We offer commercial and industrial clients Energy Consulting Services by applying our Energy Efficiency Products to achieve increased Energy Efficiency and realise hidden potentials to save energy... more


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