If you are consuming more energy than the sanctioned load, alerts will be sent to you to cut down consumption. The consumer sitting in

his/her office can control the supply. In case, you


have switched on the washing machine or any light, you can switch it off.

The Bescom control room will monitor your consumption and send alerts to you in case of excess. This is possible with the new Smart Grid Technology, which will for the first time in India, be initiated in Bangalore. With this technology, you can choose green power supply whenever required or for a particular period. With Electronic City being chosen for the pilot project, the much-awaited Smart Grid project is picking up pace.

United States Agency for International Development on Tuesday visited the Central Power Research Institute (CPRI), which has been appointed as consultant for the project, to discuss the process. Senior Bescom officials have stated that CPRI and an international consultant will prepare the detailed project report. The US Trade and Development Agency which assists in appointing international consultants has been given approval to appoint consultants.

"An agreement will be signed in two to three weeks to appoint an international consultant,'' the official said. Both the national and international consultants will prepare the detailed project report. Explaining the role of the consultants, Bescom officials said they will be the knowledge partner and guide in implementation of the projects.

"Since it is the first project in the country, comprehensive standards have to be set for the smart grid. Regulatory changes have to be brought in for the project which include smart pricing, time of the day tariff (different tariff for peak and non-peak hours), integration of renewable energy and distribution of energy sources," said the officials.

India Smart Grid Forum and India Smart Grid Task Force would take up the task of setting up standards for the project.

Features of Smart Grid

Smart grid will deliver electricity from suppliers to consumers using digital technology to control appliances at consumers' homes to save energy, reduce cost and increase reliability and transparency. A senior Bescom official said that smart grid would help control load. Instead of cutting power to manage load, alerts would be sent from the control room to cut down on unnecessary power consumption. The smart grid will help in optimizing grid efficiency through better correlation of power supply and demand. It will reduce energy network outages and disruptions and increase security of power system.


Solar power or any other renewable form of energy that can be drawn to supplement or replace conventional electricity


Source: Times of India on 17 Nov 2010