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  • Energy Efficiency Products: Switchomat Series

    We provide easy-to-install plug-in products to monitor, remotely control and optimize Energy consumption at house-hold, commercial and industrial levels. Our products bring-in transparency in Energy consumption, provide means to prevent wastage and theft of Energy, enable the consumer to automate operation from anywhere, anytime using desktop, a dedicated client or smart phone. Thus we empower our customers to save energy, save money and save the planet by giving full control of their energy consumption in their hands. We provide following products

    1. Utility Meter Monitoring Solution provides user/utility the power consumption profile in real time which helps the utility better manage their Supply-Demand and enforce power-cuts efficiently at the time of shortage.
    2. Self Audit solution provides common-man with a versatile tool for power monitoring, knowing different electrical parameters and comparison of appliances thereupon.
    3. Automated wireless solution provides control of all Energy consuming devices at the socket/switch level. They effect mass and automated switch On/Off of loads, switch boards to cut stand-by consumption..
  • Renewable Solutions

    We provide establishments and SMEs the complete turn-key solutions to setup small and medium-scaled solar farms, energy back-up solutions and other renewable energy based solutions.

    We work together with our Indian and German partner companies to setup efficient and long durable solar farms and help our customers realise all the environmental and tax benefits.

    We also promote the sales of renewable energy goods

  • Energy Services

    We offer commercial and industrial clients Energy Consulting Services by applying our Energy Efficiency Products to achieve increased Energy Efficiency and realise hidden potentials to save energy