Smart Grid
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How it works?
  • Smart Grid

    Smart Grid refers to an improved electricity supply chain that runs from a major power plant all the way inside your institution.

    The basic concept of Smart Grid is to add monitoring, analysis, control, and communication capabilities to the national electrical delivery system to maximize the throughput of the system while reducing the energy consumption. The Smart Grid will allow utilities to move electricity around the system as efficiency and economically as possible. It will also allow the homeowner and business to use electricity as economically as possible . Foe example , you may want to dry your clothes for 5 cents per kilowatt-hour at 9:00 pm in stead of 15 cents per kilowatt-hour at 2:00 pm in the afternoon. You will have the choice and flexibility to manage your electrical use while minimizing your costs.

    Smart Grid builds on many of the technologies already used by electric utilities but adds communication and control capabilities that will optimize the operation of the entire electrical grid. Smart Grid is also positioned to take advantage of new technologies, such as plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, various forms of distributed generation, solar energy, smart metering, lighting management systems, distribution automation, and many more.

  • Smart Home

    Smart home energy products essentially provide you with the freedom of watching and controlling your energy consumption in your hands.

    A home area network created by a number of sensor plugs and a receiver provides the in-roads for the smart grid into the home. Various power consuming appliances can be monitored, analysed and controlled either from the software on the clients like a PC, Stand-alone-display or from the internet browser.

    Smart home energy management system provides 21st century power consumer with the transparency, which is crucial in reducing harmful impact on our environment and rendering a greener planet.

  • How it works?

    Install our energy products to interface with your appliances or near utility meter to monitor entire unit's electricity usage remotely. Secure wireless receiver establishes wireless communication protocol with all our products. Install software dashboard suitable for your web enabled device (The set of functionalities depend on OS present and computing capability on your web enabled device) Congratulations , Now you can use the powerful dashboard to monitor and control using our products over the internet. You can also instantly check status of appliances and set alerts anytime,anywhere.